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Club Goals

 The mission (goal) of the WHVCA is to promote and improve the Wirehaired Vizsla in the United States, maintaining the standard of excellence in the breed and striving for balance between form and function in the dog.

We’ll do that by meeting the following objectives:
1. keep an accurate registry of the breed in the USA, including pedigrees, health information, test results & titles
 2. adopt a breed standard for the USA
3. draft & adopt by-laws for the club
4. maintain a standard of ethics
5. provide club activities for members & their dogs
6. maintain a website and publish a newsletter regularly
7. provide breeder referral
8. mentor new owners
9. breed rescue & adoption
10. recognize outstanding achievement
11. provide information resources

WHVCA is developing 3 separate programs to acknowledge exceptional performance of its members and dogs. These programs are:
1) the Hall of Fame.
2) The Versatility program.
3) The Performance programs