Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Vizsla

There are matters to consider before owning a dog. It’s not like just having a toy that you could throw when you’re done playing with it. Pets are living things. They have life, therefore, feelings. Your heart would break as much as losing a family member when you lose them, so you might want to think things over and over and discuss with the family before owning one.




As per the World Canine Organization, there are about 339 dog breeds, and one of which is the Vizsla. It is a dog breed that is famous for being playful, lively, mannered, warm, and sensitive. It is ideal for children as it is companionable and loyal, and it loves petting. It is also known as “Velcro” because of its good nature and characteristic of liking to be petted all the time. This dog breed loves to cuddle and be around people, sitting on laps.

Viszla is the perfect breed of dog for those who are active and athletic. If you are fond of going to parks, jogging, running, biking, or playing any sports, this breed is perfect for you as Viszla dogs love outdoor activities. They like to be outside playing and doing vigorous exercises.


Characteristics Of Vizsla:

  • Medium-built
  • Sleek-coated
  • Muscular
  • Very trainable
  • Athletic
  • Gentle
  • Sociable
  • Affectionate
  • Polite with people and other animals




Some people are looking for a breed of dogs perfect for grooming and display, typically small and cute like Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, or Poodle. Although dogs are usually playful especially when still puppies, these types of dog are ideal for indoor and are not really for vigorous activities because they quickly get tired.


Things You Need To Know Before Deciding On Getting A Vizsla:


  • Vizsla is a vigorous hunting breed that requires daily exercise and loads of time, affection, and attention.


  • Vizsla is an active, outdoor dog, and if you keep it inside the house always, it may have neurotic behaviors such as hyperactiveness, destroying


  • Vizsla is a very playful breed, and it can be a notorious chewer when bored and lonely.


  • Vizsla is friendly and even friendly to strangers, unlike other dogs that are suspicious and territorial.


  • Vizsla dogs need much socialization to develop their self-confidence. If not, they will turn to unhappy dogs, and they are the type that gets scared when faced with unfamiliar circumstances.


  • Vizsla dogs are very trainable. They love to learn new tricks and perform in front of audiences.



If you are thinking of getting a dog for the kids, Vizsla might be the dog breed for you, but you have to keep in mind that they need something in their mouth to chew on or play with that’s why it is advisable that you give them a portable container for their toys.




Vizsla dogs are very safe and friendly. You should not concern yourself about it being harmful to the kids just like what you hear on the news. They are harmless and very loving. Maybe the one thing you should worry about is being attached to the lively spirit that you don’t get used to them not being around.