Things You Can Do When Leaving Your Dogs Home Alone

Our family just loves dogs.  Having dogs are just like having little kids, you have to take care and watch over them most of the time.  But we also have some other things to attend to.  My husband and I have to work, and the kids have their school.  They are home alone on weekdays most of the time.


Like us, many dog parents feel guilty about leaving our babies home alone most of the time.  Have you watched The Secret Life of Pets?  The pets get used to the daily routines of their owners leaving them.  Remember when Gidget (a Pomeranian) asked Max (a Jack Russell Terrier) what’s his plan for the day?  Max answered that he got big plans and that is to sit and wait for Katie (his owner) to come back.  Max just knows how to behave himself.   But not all pets are like Max who will just sit and wait.  Often disasters happen while we are away, which is one reason why most house pets end up in the shelter for adoption.

Dogs can be a busybody depending on the breed.  They can sometimes get stressed when left alone with nothing to do.  You can find ways to keep them occupied while you are busy to avoid them from creating a ruckus.



Your dog can grow to love watching TV.  Allowing your pup to watch Animal Planet stimulates his brain when it is quiet and he is alone.  It keeps him out of trouble.  Another show that can keep him relaxed is DOGTV.  It is a channel devoted to dogs, so he will surely love it.


Hiring A Dog Walker

Accidents can happen at home when you leave a bored dog alone.  They can mess around with your furniture, appliances, groceries, even your makeup when you accidentally leave your bedroom door open for her to sneak in.  Having her walked by a dog nanny or a dog walker is better than her ruining the house.


Interactive Dog Toys

It’s not just humans who hate being left alone with nothing to do.  Dogs also get irritated when they are bored.  One way to ease stress is to stimulate the mental and physical well-being of your dog.  Giving them puzzles, activity toys, and squeakers challenges them.  It can keep them busy and active as it enlivens their minds by the bouncing and sounds the toys create.   These interactive toys inspire them to move around and be more alert.  It can make training more natural.


Best Friend Is The Best Company 

Nobody wants to be alone.  Like man, no dog is an island.  Giving your pet a companion when you often leave him in the house would be very much appreciated.  Adopting another dog is a great idea, but of course, it is your choice.  Just make sure that the dog you’re taking in is healthy.   A visit to a vet can check that.

Sometimes, it takes time for the two to get along well.   See what Max and Duke (Secret Life of Pets) had to go through before they realize how important a buddy is.   So before you leave them alone, be sure that they’ve gotten along well or else your home will be worse than you expected.


Let The Fury Member Of Your Family Go On Playdate!

As I mentioned above, even dogs need to have a social life.  If you don’t find having another dog a viable option, you can set him up for a playdate at least.  You can schedule it with a neighbor, family member, or a friend.  Be sure it is someone you trust and know well enough.  Risking your pup’s health is hard.  Again, make sure these buddies get along well.  And in case of emergency, always have your vets’ numbers ready.


Enrolling Your Pup In A Dog Daycare

When you notice that your dog easily gets along well with other canines, maybe it’s time to consider signing him up in a doggy daycare.  There, he can be taken care of well while you are at work or you’re on a trip.   You can always ask for recommendations and look online for affordable and reliable doggy daycare near you.  Doggy daycare even offers dog grooming.  It surely saves you time instead of looking for a dog nanny and taking your buddy to a spa when needed.

Giving him a comfortable space near the window can allow him to look at the world outside.  And before you leave the house, be sure that your dog has food, dental chews, dog treats, and enough water.  Dogs just love water.   Having a dog fountain can add to his excitement.  If you don’t have a dog fountain yet, you can at least leave a bowl of clean water.

Once you decide to own a dog, make sure you are not just emotionally ready but also financially.  Just like us, dogs have needs.  It’s not necessarily pampering, but our love and attention are most important.  They are more than just our best friends.  They are family.