The Raised Concerns In The 2015 Charlotte Animal Rescue Conference


The overview of the 2015 Charlotte Animal Rescue Conference focuses the concern to the growing number of organizations that promise to ensure stability for the sheltered cats and dogs. The discussion talks about the programs that will enhance nurture, and sustain the progress of the different available resources. But since it seems like time is being limited, the conference manages to point out the issues that involve determining programs and shelters for animals.


The Facilities

The minimal regulations when it comes to animal facilities such as grooming shops, pet sitting services, veterinaries, pet shops, and a lot more create a controversy. That’s why the conference states that animals under a protective law should receive public attention. The speakers would want to imply that a policy or regulation is not enough conclusions to those who still inflict harm on animals. The conference discusses that the public is also held liable for the animals’ welfare. Therefore, addressing and investigating the standards of quality control should reach proper orientation.

Mercy Killing

About facility standards, the growing number of euthanasia is also a huge concern due to limited resources. It becomes the center of the discussion where most of the organizations demand reform. Though not all private and public sectors agree to the immediate nationwide change, such as disbanding of euthanasia, some advocates hope to control the rates of those killed animals by encouraging and promoting adoptions. That is perhaps because funding a facility is more expensive due to the high volume of animals that needs care and attention.


With the saddening concern of the humane conference, the issue is still not about the facilities and services. Instead, it is in the overpopulation of animals and also the pert owners’ incapability to handle responsibility.  The advocates for helping and keeping animals safe are still an inch away from success.

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