Ten Ways A Dog Can Make People Happy

Source: pixabay.com

March 21 is World Happiness Day, and as man’s best friend, you can count on dogs as a perennial source of happiness, all year round, free of charge.

Animals are able to reach people in ways that nothing else can. —

Below are ten ways a dog can make a person happy.

  • Dogs are the best comedians. And they don’t need a comedy bar, either! Sometimes, even their simplest misconceptions are enough to make us laugh, which is very particularly useful after a stressful day of work. Best of all, a dog’s humor is for all kinds of people, and you need not worry about having an offensive taste!
  • They know when to cheer you up. It’s sad to know that dogs can sometimes beat even humans in the empathy department. They can sense when we’re happy, sad, angry, or depressed even. They are always ready to rush beside you at the first whiff.
  • They eliminate loneliness. Sure, they still don’t count as a human company, but any company is better than none. Loneliness can strike at any time, without warning, and a dog around disposes of that.
  • Cuddle machines. This isn’t a debatable topic, as dogs naturally like being cuddled by a human, which in turn secretes all kinds of endorphins. Endorphins make a human happy. That’s pretty much everything there.

The effects of the pet therapy are measurable, as seen by an increase in the release of endorphins in the person interacting with the animal. — Elena Blanco-Suarez Ph.D.

    Source: pixabay.com
  • They make us get out of the house. You do need to stroll with your pet, and that brings you up for some fresh air with exercise. In turn, walking your dog helps with having a good mood, instead of a grumpy shut-in.
  • It’s impossible to stay mad. Sure, they tore through your homework which you needed to submit to that grumpy teacher, they ripped your favorite shoes up, but can you stay that mad and be human still? However insane you are, a snuggle can quickly solve everything.
  • They’re a reminder to enjoy the little things. As you get older, there are less and fewer things that can make you excited, to the point of jumping up and down in joy. On the other hand, dogs do just that almost every time: when you pull out their bag of treats, when they play with you, when they walk with you, and the list goes on. Dogs are a reminder that sometimes, we need to celebrate the little things.
  • They’re a conduit to other people. When people walk dogs, and two fellow owners meet, it’s almost sure that they’ll exchange notes about the dogs they have in tow. Humans need interaction in their lives, no matter how small. Dogs help us to that end, and for that, everyone’s happy. Almost.

In addition, many experimental studies have found that presence of pets reduce blood pressure and heart rate when experimental participants are exposed to stressors such as mental arithmetic, putting one’s hand in ice water, or making a speech. — Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.

    Source: pixabay.com
  • Their happiness is infectious! There’s no better mood to be infected by other than joy. You will have a plentiful supply of smiles, thanks to your dog. Smiles may be a potent weapon to take on anything the cruel world can throw at you.
  • Unconditional love. And they only ever need in return shelter and basic food and water. They never demand us to do something we may not want to do, nor give up our friend nor who we are. They’ll never make us feel invalid, unappreciated, or useless, as they’re more than ready to give it.