My Dog Enjoys The Television

You may think that seeing your dog watch TV is kind of weird.   Don’t worry, I did too before, since it was my first time to have a dog.  My Tiger loves to run and play hunt.  We have our usual morning runs in the park every morning. The moment we get back home, we’ll have our meal and sit for a while in front of the TV.   She would curl herself on the couch with me and just stare at the screen as if intently watching.  At first, I thought she just really loves to hang out with me.  But later I learned that she was really watching.


Tiger is quite playful and full of energy.  And I love it when she curls up and just stays in my lap for a moment to rest, but as she gets older, she is getting quite more inquisitive that sometimes can also be annoying.  With the training she’s getting, she can be tamed a little.  You just really have to be patient with her always wanting to play.  Part of her taming is letting her watch TV.  That’s when I began to ask, is she really watching TV? Or she just stays there because I’m there?  And so, I asked her dog trainer who provides her obedience training.   According to her, yes, dogs do watch TV.  They are very much like us when it comes to watching TV.  They can see the images, recognize them (especially dogs), and they sometimes react to what they see (depending on what type of dog you have).


They Are Attracted To Fast Moving Objects And Sounds

Some dogs actually enjoy watching TV.  Like us, they, too, react on what they see on the screen depending on their caninalities (dog personalities) according to some study.  In fact, according to an article issued by National Geographic, a dog’s eyes are said to register images more quickly than people do.  Another is, dogs recognize only two primary colors, yellow and blue, and the rest seems like a gray area to them.  Most dogs also react to the sounds they hear.  They would immediately respond upon hearing another dog barking on the tube.   Seeing rapidly moving objects and sounds make them really excited.


They Enjoy The Landscapes

DogTV offers relaxation scenes for dogs.   It shows images like dogs just chilling out in the field.  They can feel relaxed only by looking at the landscapes on the screen.  Maybe they can imagine themselves running and exploring the beautiful scenery (who knows?).  But isn’t it cool to chill out once in a while, daydreaming? Real running can sometimes also be exhausting.


They Are Used To The Noise

Isn’t the sound of the beeping cars, doorbells, vacuum cleaners more stressing than the sound coming from the TV? The music from the TV is more entertaining and exciting.

When my Tiger was just this cute little pup, I had her listen to classical music.  I believe that it stimulated her brain.  It could be the reason why she doesn’t easily get agitated by slight or loud sounds (thunder) and probably the reason why it seems easier to train her.


Nicholas Dodman who is a veterinary behaviorist from Massachusetts explains further that dogs, just like us, have different personalities (caninalities).  Some dogs are territorial, and some are not.   Other dogs like being around people and there are those that just can’t stand to be with strangers.   Dogs can be pushy, and some can be shy.  There are breeds of dogs who are visual (herding breeds) and others who are driven by smell (hounds).  These various dog personalities play a role in how each dog reacts when watching TV.


Television can play a significant role in our dog’s mental wellbeing.  Although dogs may seem to have a short attention span, looking at something one time and then looking away after a moment, it still stimulates their brain.  It can also keep them busy while we are away.  It is better to have them listen to or watch TV rather than getting them bored waiting for us when we have other things to attend to.  Leaving our TV set on while away is like giving them company.   They enjoy and may learn from watching TV.  But don’t worry, they will not learn to use language, not yet soon at least.