Mental And Physical Health Improve With The Love Of Your Pet

Canine pet owners are aware that it is difficult to go without a canine’s love and dedication. Several research reports have indicated that having a canine pet enhances an individual’s mental and physical health.


Strolling With Your Dog Is Exercise.

There might be times when you feel it’s a bother to take your canine out for a stroll, especially when it’s freezing outside or if it’s raining. However, taking your dog for a stroll outside provides you with much-needed exercise. A research report released in 2006 indicated that canine pet owners have a greater tendency to take part in moderate exercise compare to individuals who do not have canine pets. Canine pet owners tend to walk 5 hours each week while individuals who do not have canine pets tend to walk only 2.8 hours each week.

They Create A Loving Bond.

A research report studying five hundred individuals between the ages of 17 and 27 determined that the individuals who are firmly attached to their pets are more in touch with society and with the people they have relationships with. The research report also determined that a greater bond between an individual and his pet will enhance the empathy and confidence of the individual.

Some Dogs Can Smell Cancer.

Labrador was trained to discover cancer with an accuracy of ninety-one percent simply by smelling an individual’s breath. The accuracy rate increases to ninety-seven percent if the Labrador sniffs an individual’s stool.

They Also Sense Allergens In Food.

A canine’s ability to smell is more enhanced than a human being’s by a factor of one million. Canines can be trained to detect ingredients in the food that people are allergic to such as peanuts.

A Dog Can Make A Person Happy.

A research report released in 2009 reveals that the level of oxytocin in an individual’s body increases when the individual spends time with a canine. Oxytocin is a hormone that causes blissfulness in an individual.


You Will Just Feel Motherly Towards Your Pet.

A zoologist from Austria proposes that a canine’s features are similar to a baby’s. These features include a high forehead, big eyes, a snout that is short and ears that are floppy. Such features elicit a response in human beings, making them want to take care of canines.

Canines Can Relieve Stress And Alleviate PTSD.

A professor of psychology conducted a research study that concluded canines relieved people’s daily stress merely by their presence. A research report from Japan also indicated that senior citizens who frequently take their dogs for a stroll have less stress. Canines have been used in assisting soldiers who have PTSD.

They Also Decrease The Likelihood Of Eczema From Developing.

A study made in 2010 concluded that youngsters exposed to canines are less likely to acquire eczema.


Dogs Can Help You Fight Lonesomeness.

Senior citizens often feel very lonely. Research reports indicated that among individuals who are sixty years old or more, those who own a pet tend to be less depressed by a factor of four compared to those who do not own a pet.

Canines Can Make You Interact With The Society More.

Having a canine requires you to take the canine out for a stroll. During that stroll, people tend to talk to you because of your beautiful and playful canine.

Having A Pet Makes You More Captivating To Others.

A research report in the UK surveyed seven hundred individuals. Sixty percent of those surveyed stated that they are more attracted to individuals with canines. Eighty-five percent of those surveyed reported that they consider individuals with canines to be easier to approach.


Your Dog Is Simple And Sociable.

Canines allow us to enjoy simple ways of interacting. You do not need technology, such as sending an email or a text message when you interact with your canine.