How Your Pets Change The Meaning Of Family


A dog is, and has always been, a man’s best friend. Everyone must have, at some point in their life, begged their parents for a dog. Maybe as a birthday present or maybe as a graduation gift or even just because you always wanted one, we have all begged for a puppy. All this begging has led our parents to say, “Having a dog is a big responsibility. Are you ready for that?”

Being asked that question has made many kids, including me, say “yes mom, yes dad, I’ll take care of the dog. I promise!” When they finally give in, you do everything you can as a child to take care of that gift. You finally have a playmate and a friend.


Years go by and as you treat the dog with more love every day, the more it becomes a part of the family. It goes with you wherever you go, it sleeps in your bed, and it protects you from whatever harm may come your way. To your parents, the dog becomes like another child to them. They buy food, give it shelter, play, and even scold the dog. In short, dogs have now become an official member of the family and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Dogs are known also to be natural stress relievers. This is why dogs are used as service animals. A service animal is basically an animal that is able to alert to any emergency that the owner is experiencing. Depending on the dog’s training, a dog can alert to anxiety, low blood sugar, panic attacks, and seizures. This is very helpful especially to members of the family who are experiencing these things.

However, when a dog becomes a service dog, he cannot be played with and be a pet by other people because the dog is basically at work. If you distract a dog from that, the owner might be in danger of experiencing an attack without the aid of the dog. Everywhere you look online there will be a story about dogs alerting their humans’ minutes before they start experiencing an attack. What this does is that the person may take the necessary precautions even before it actually starts happening.


But apart from all this, a dog becomes a man’s best friend because at any point in your life the dog is there to support you through everything that you go through. I know of many people who have gotten back on their feet because of having their dog in their life. I also know of people who fall into a depression because of the death of their dog.

Essentially, a dog has become more than just a pet. A dog has become a family to many and a savior to many more. Have you ever read about a story of how dogs pull their owners out of fires or dogs fighting snakes to keep their humans alive? All of that is real and all of those stories show us that a dog is more to us humans than just a pet. We do not deserve the love that we get from dogs because no matter what we do to them, they will always come back and love us even more.

Another story of how a dog has acted more like a family than a pet is the story of a dog named Hachiko. He had waited for his owner who died from a sudden heart attack. After a decade, Hachi had waited and waited for his master. He never left the place where his master had last left him and today, that train station in Japan has a statue of Hachi as a reminder of his loyalty and love for his master.


This speaks a lot about how a dog is when you show him love and affection. We can never really fully understand the depth of a dog’s love for his family and this is something that we should all be like to our own families and even to ourselves. We have to have that dog’s love and loyalty in life because, at the end of the day, it does not matter how someone else hurt you but it is about how you respond to the hurt and the hate that you receive.

Sadly, some countries use dogs as sacrifices or a means of torture and food for their festivals. It is very painful to see such sweet creatures be hurt and killed in such awful ways without people having even a shred of guilt or empathy.

At the end of the day, a dog is our friend and no matter how tough life gets, our dog is our family. It gives us the comfort we need and it understands that sometimes, all we need is a little time to ourselves for us to get back on track.


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