Category: The So-Called Wirehaired Dog

Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Vizsla

There are matters to consider before owning a dog. It’s not like just having a toy that you could throw when you’re done playing with it. Pets are living things. They have life, therefore, feelings. Your heart would break as much as losing a family member when you lose them, so you might want to […]

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Is Vizsla The Right Dog For You?

Vizslas are cuddly, playful, and sweet that you might want to take one home the moment you get close to them.   Before you do that, know them first and think further.

Interesting Facts About Wirehaired Vizsla

Wirehaired Vizslas like their cousins, Hungarian and Magyar Vizsla, are energetic and sporting dogs.  It got its name from its dense, wiry coat, which serves as their protection against extreme weather. The hair of a Wirehaired Vizsla is water-resistant.  It allows them to do icy water retrievals.   It possesses an excellent nose and is highly […]