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Helping Your Melancholic Dog

Dogs, like people, also experience behavioral changes and mood swings. However, these changes are often short-term and can be linked to recent happenings in the dog’s life (or his human family). Hence, it is difficult to conclude if your dog is suffering from depression, but they certainly do.

How To Help Your Dog’s Emotional Issues

Many of us consider our dog a member of the family because of the joy and the unconditional love they give us.  But sometimes, you may feel annoyed by their restlessness and may wonder why they suddenly become difficult to deal with.  Are you puzzled by what your dog is thinking?

Things You Can Do When Leaving Your Dogs Home Alone

Our family just loves dogs.  Having dogs are just like having little kids, you have to take care and watch over them most of the time.  But we also have some other things to attend to.  My husband and I have to work, and the kids have their school.  They are home alone on weekdays […]