10 Things Dog Owners Wish Non-Dog People Know

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Dog owners are very serious with their pets. Psychologists will tell you how dog owners (with their mental state) treat their dogs as their babies. They take the time and effort to care for their pooch and can be protective of them. The commitment they give to raise their pets are remarkable, and you can’t blame them if they are safe. Here are the ten things dog owners want you, non-dog people, to know.

  • Please Don’t Feed My Dog

We are very careful with our dogs. Some of us only give specific food for our dogs might have allergies or other medical conditions. We appreciate your interest in our pups, but you should always ask if it’s okay to give them something and only in small amounts.

  • Let My Dog Come To You

Don’t force our dogs to like you right away. Just like any animal, they can get scared of an unfamiliar face, and it will take time for them to understand you and trust you. Also, the more you chase after our dogs, the more it will run away from you and can even develop distrust from other people, making going out for a walk or a trip to the vet, very challenging.

  • Respect My Training

Both I and dog invested a lot of time and energy for training, and we could be doing something entirely different from other dog owners. Respect the training we taught our pets and don’t disrupt what they already know. They can get confused and can get encouraged for lousy behavior and won’t listen to us anymore.

Source: pixabay.com

  • He Lives In My Home, You Don’t

If you come to our home, know that my dog lives here too. If you complain about my dog being on the couch or you have so much dog hair on your clothes, remember that this is his home and I won’t tell him to go down for you. He can do whatever he wants because he is in his house, and my dog is just doing what he usually does every day.

  • You Don’t Know The History

Dogs can be raised in the luxury of come from abusive homes and was sheltered for some time before being adopted. It’s okay to ask us, dog owners, the history of our dogs, and we would love to tell you all about it. Also, make sure to ask before you approach for they can still have hidden traumas from previous abusive owners that can get triggered when surprised.

  • Train Your Kids To Treat Dogs Well

Children can be aggressive with dogs and think that when a dog runs away from them, they are asking to be chased. That is not true; dogs run away when they are not handled properly and can easily be scared of children. Also, children cannot express their feelings appropriately and end up hurting the dog even if it’s not their intention. Teach your children the right way to interact with dogs, and they will have a wonderful time together.

  • Don’t Discipline My Dog

If you don’t like how my dog is behaving, tell me.  Don’t be the one to do the disciplining. I know you are only concerned, but it can be dangerous when my dog becomes aggressive towards you, and it can even confuse my dog. I am the owner, so it’s my responsibility to train and discipline my dog.

  • Don’t Give Me Advice On My Dog

I know we are all entitled to our own opinions, but this is my house and my dog, so whatever we do is none of your business. If you are unhappy with my dog sleeping on my bed, it’s not my problem anymore. If you think I spoil my dog too much, maybe you’re right, and I wouldn’t have done it any other way. If I didn’t ask for advice, then it’s best to keep it to yourself.

Source: pixabay.com

  • Don’t Approach Small Dogs From Above

Small dogs can easily be scared because they feel like they are being attacked even if they’re not. Please don’t grab or approach my dog from above. This can traumatize them and have distrust with other people and even me. Ask me the proper way to approach my dog so you two could be friends.

  • Don’t Mind My Dog Posts

We love our dogs, and we are proud of everything they do. We will post every cute and funny picture we have of them, and we don’t care if it can get annoying. They can be our lives because they are the best companion we have and the best friend we need.

A bond between a dog owner and his pooch is so strong that they live every day alongside each other. Dog owners have an endless amount of love for their dogs and will do and give anything to them. If you are not a dog owner and don’t understand the extravagance they do, please respect.